Tuesday, May 6, 2014

10 Most Corrupted Countries in the World in 2014. Sudan: 11

10 Most Corrupted Countries in the World in 2014. Sudan: 11

1. Sudan: 11 - TheRichest

My philosophy for a happy life: Sam Berns at TEDxMidAtlantic

How TEDx is bringing change to Sudan amidst political crackdown: Anwar D...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Speaking at TEDxBeaconStreet on March 29th

I'm invited by Professor John Warner (Project innovator @ the Camera Culture lab of the MIT Media lab), the founder of Citizen schools and organizer of TEDxBeaconStreet in Boston, to give a TEDx talk on March 29th .

Check it out here. I'm really humbled and happy about the bio that they've written about me in the speakers bio.

Last November I participated in TEDxBeaconStreet annual event with couple of my TEDx fellow organizers from around the world. I even co-hosted a session.

It's all about Love <3 h3="">

Sanctions against #Sudan negatively affect #humanrights activists (Tweets)

On March 19th, 2014, I was invited to give a talk at Freedom House, at their headquarters in 1301 Connecticut Ave NW, 4th Floor near to DuPont circle, Washington D.C.
Here are some tweets about/from that event

March 19: Join us for a special presentation by , who brought the first TEDx talks to .

is hosting ! He brought TedTalks to Sudan!

Sanctions against negatively affect activists, says at

Finally I thanked them on Twitter for the invitation:
Mar 19
thank you the invitation, it's an honor to be with you and share insights about our country

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

أثر العقوبات الأمريكية التقنية على السودانيين

أثر العقوبات الأمريكية  التقنية على السودانيين (نقاش أدرته بالتعاون مع مجموعة لنمضي قدما: السودان

يوم الأحد 9 مارس، أدرت نقاشا حضره العديد من الشباب والشابات السودانيين في منطقة واشنطن العاصمة بعنوان:
Digital and technological Sanctions in Sudan
شارك في النقاش:
 Moon Yousif Sulfab: works in the U.S. Senate and founding member of the Congressional African Staffers Association, an organization that brings first generation African staffers who work on African policy initiatives. 

*Nasredeen Nasredeen Abdulbari: a Harvard law graduate and legal consultant for human rights and international law. He has published many articles related to Sudan and constitutional law. 

*Danielle Kehl: a Policy Analyst at Open Technology Institute of the New America Foundation, and active writer on the sanctions issue.

*Moderator: Anwar Dafa-Alla

الشباب، الصراعات والحوكمة في أفريقيا. مشاركتي في مؤتمر بجامعة ييل الأمريكية

يوم الجمعة 28 فبراير والسبت 1 مارس 2014، شاركت في ورشة عمل نظمها البروفيسر كاثرين بريك من جامعة ييل، بالتعاون مع البروفيسر أليكس دي واال من جامعة تفتس الأمريكية.
قدمت محاضرة مختصرة عن الشباب السوداني وشاركت في النقاش مع نخبة من العلماء والباحثين واساتذة الجامعات من أمريكا ، أوروبا و قارتي الحبيبة أفريقيا.