Friday, February 27, 2015

Sudanese Diaspora International Conference 2015

I'll be a keynote speaker at the Second Sudanese Diaspora International Conference .

Theme: "The Role of Universities and Research Institutions in Managing Knowledge for a Sustainable Inclusive Growth in Sudan"
12-13 June 2015, Brighton - United Kingdom 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Congrats to the ‪#‎Sudanese‬ civil society activists the U.S. GLD1

"It's been more than two years in the making--finally the US government has lifted technology sanctions on Sudan! Thanks to everyone who's worked on this campaign at some point or another. That day has come! The full text of the amendment is here, and the table on the last two pages summerizes all the hardware and software that is authorized."- Dalia Hag Omer

Congrats to the ‪#‎Sudanese‬ civil society activists and everyone who worked hard to convince the U.S. Gov. to ease the ‪#‎TechSanctions‬

Detailed document:


وصفحة الحملة:


واشنطن ترفع الحظر عن إرسال أجهزة كمبيوتر إلى السودان

Expanding Avenues to the Internet for Sudanese Users

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Speaking at TEDxBeaconStreet on March 29th

I'm invited by Professor John Warner (Project innovator @ the Camera Culture lab of the MIT Media lab), the founder of Citizen schools and organizer of TEDxBeaconStreet in Boston, to give a TEDx talk on March 29th .

Check it out here. I'm really humbled and happy about the bio that they've written about me in the speakers bio.

Last November I participated in TEDxBeaconStreet annual event with couple of my TEDx fellow organizers from around the world. I even co-hosted a session.

It's all about Love <3 h3="">

Sanctions against #Sudan negatively affect #humanrights activists (Tweets)

On March 19th, 2014, I was invited to give a talk at Freedom House, at their headquarters in 1301 Connecticut Ave NW, 4th Floor near to DuPont circle, Washington D.C.
Here are some tweets about/from that event

March 19: Join us for a special presentation by , who brought the first TEDx talks to .

is hosting ! He brought TedTalks to Sudan!

Sanctions against negatively affect activists, says at

Finally I thanked them on Twitter for the invitation:
Mar 19
thank you the invitation, it's an honor to be with you and share insights about our country

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